Audi 80/90/Coupe

since 1986-1991 release

Repair and operation of the car

Audi 80/90/Coupe
+ 1.2. Identification of the car
+ 2. Engines, carburetors
3. Lubrication system
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. Exhaust system
+ 7. System of ignition
- 8. Transmission
   8.1.2. A fork - the main cylinder of coupling
   8.1.3. Press clutch plate
   8.1.4. Malfunctions of coupling
   + 8.2. Mechanical transmission 012
   + 8.3. Mechanical transmission 01A
   - 8.4. Automatic transmission 089
      8.4.2. Lever and rope of the lever of gear shifting
      8.4.3. Lock of automatic gear shifting
      8.4.4. Mechanism of management of a butterfly valve
      8.4.5. Removal and installation of the transmission
      8.4.6. Check of the moments of gear shifting
      8.4.7. Main transfer
      8.4.8. Differential
   + 8.5. Automatic transmission 087
   8.6. Dismantling and assembly of automatic transmissions
   8.7. Block of valves
   + 8.8. Automatic transmission 097
+ 9. Suspension brackets, wheels
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Steering
+ 12. Body, salon
+ 13. Air conditioning system
+ 14. Electric equipment

8.4.8. Differential


Differential, dismantling / assembly

1. Differential bearing, internal holder
when replacing adjust a gear wreath
2. 70 N. of m.
3. Differential case cover
4. Persistent washer
check persistent washers for existence of cracks
and gear wheels on existence of wear tracks
5. Half shaft gear wheel
6. Axis of satellites
remove by means of a drift
check for wear
7. Persistent washer
check persistent washers for existence of cracks and a gear wheel on existence of wear tracks
8. Satellite
9. Nut of a bolt of fastening of a flange of the drive
the smaller fillet enters a half shaft gear wheel
10. Differential box
11. Gear wreath
together with the leading gear wheel

Drive flange epiploon, removal

(the transmission was not removed from the car)

1) remove the filter for replacement of an epiploon on the right side
2) remove a half shaft from a drive flange
3) remove a drive flange bolt (it is specified by an arrow), holding a flange by means of a drift
4) install the pallet for collecting oil
5) remove a drive flange
6) remove an epiploon

Drive flange epiploon, installation

1) establish an epiploon against the stop
2) grease edges with multi-purpose grease
3) establish a drive flange, tighten a flange bolt to 25 N. of m.
4) establish a half shaft on a drive flange, tighten fastening bolts to 45 N. of m.


If you use an old leading gear wheel / a gear wreath and bearings, in the beginning measure a district gap and the general moment of rotation of the conducting gear wheel before dismantling of the mechanism of the main transfer. Use these values for adjustment at assembly.

If a gear wreath / leading the gear wheel, the bearing or a cover of the bearing were replaced, the gear wreath and the leading gear wheel have to be adjusted anew.