Audi 80/90/Coupe

since 1986-1991 release

Repair and operation of the car

Audi 80/90/Coupe
- 1.2. Identification of the car
   1. Maintenance instruction
   1.3. Arrangement of identification plates
   1.4. Dashboard
   - 1.5. Service of the car
      1.5.2. Seasonal change like fuel
      1.5.3. Petrol additives
      1.5.4. The latest news in the field of fuel
      1.5.5. Cowl
      1.5.6. Engine compartment
      + 1.5.7. Engine oil
      1.5.8. Oil filter of the engine
      + 1.5.9. Automatic transmission liquid
      1.5.10. MKPP oil
      1.5.11. Air filter
      1.5.12. Spark plugs
      - 1.5.13. Hydraulic booster of steering and amplifier of the brake system Check of level of liquid of hydraulic system
      + 1.5.14. Brake fluid
      + 1.5.15. Cooling system
      + 1.5.16. Tanks for washers of a windshield and headlights of forward light
      1.5.17. Sprayers
      1.5.18. Brushes of screen wipers
      + 1.5.19. Tires / wheels
   + 1.6. Independent service of the car
   + 1.7. Specifications
   1.8. Capacities
   1.9. Sizes
   1.10. Loadings
   1.11. Schedule of preventive servicing / lubricant of the car
+ 2. Engines, carburetors
3. Lubrication system
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. Exhaust system
+ 7. System of ignition
+ 8. Transmission
+ 9. Suspension brackets, wheels
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Steering
+ 12. Body, salon
+ 13. Air conditioning system
+ 14. Electric equipment Check of level of liquid of hydraulic system


Let's the engine work within about 2 minutes. Wheels have to stand at the same time directly.

Kill the engine and at once check the level of hydraulic liquid.

For check of level of liquid, turn off a cover with the probe of measurement of level of liquid. Level of liquid has to be between the marks MOVE and MIN. If it is necessary, add hydraulic liquid of Audi a detail G 002000 or similar to it.

Reliably twirl a red cover with the filter.


Try not to mix brake and hydraulic fluid. When using incorrect liquid, system can refuse work.

If the system of the hydraulic booster of steering or the amplifier of the brake system fails, or if the engine does not work (for example, at towage), you will be able to drive the car and to use brakes, however, for this purpose it is necessary to make great efforts.

As hydraulic liquid also performs and serious damage of the pump and other elements of system can cause the greasing function, a lack of hydraulic liquid of system.